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Evolved Minerals was formulated to not only provide everything needed for a healthy life, but it was designed to save you from having to take +30 pills per day. By adding everything in 1 bottle, we were able to cut costs and help people save big without sacrificing valuable ingredients. 
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From The Desk Of Dr. Brandon Bailey DO
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Evolved Minerals has 70+ Plant Derived Senonian Trace Minerals that are the building blocks to a healthy life. Our top-soil doesn't contain the same minerals that it used to (due to poor farming practices and erosion.) Therefore, the food that we eat doesn't give our bodies everything that is needed to feel good. Evolved Minerals have these prehistoric plant minerals mined from deep within the earth and added to each bottle. 

Sickness, disease and many common ailments can be avoided by giving your body the vitamins and plant derived minerals that it needs.
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