The All-In-One Supplement with Trace Minerals and Antioxidants

Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals is a fresh take on nutritional supplements. 

This supplement contains the trace minerals that aren’t in the average American diet because of over-farmed soils plus 17 antioxidants from natural sources including:

    Goji Berry Extract

    Aloe Vera Leaf Gel


    Cat’s Claw


    Rose Hips


    Gingko Biloba


    Grape Skin Extract

    This supplement provides everything the average diet lacks to give your body what it needs for optimal health.

    Ingredients You Can Trust.

    Dr. Brandon Bailey, the creator of Evolved Minerals, is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician and experienced Mixed Martial Arts fighter so he understands the nutritional demands required for peak performance. 

    Evolved Minerals is a one-of-a-kind blend that features everything you need to build an active lifestyle. No other supplement label on the market brings this collection of:

    • Superfoods, Vitamins, and Trace Minerals together for health and wellness. 
    • Powerful antioxidants provide fast and long-term relief from inflammation.
    • Vitamins and minerals that are easily digestible curb hunger by providing necessary nutrients to all of the body’s systems and optimizing energy production throughout the body. 
    • Selectively sourced nutrients not found in most supplements including SenTraMin™ trace minerals from Senonean Vegetate provide optimized health that reduces the risk of chronic and fatal diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits and stress.
    Dr. Bailey wearing boxing gloves

    The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

    Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals is a brand that seeks to provide just that. The ingredients in this supplement are based on research that supports a foundation for physical and mental wellness through proper nutrition.

    With Covid-19 we all know that now more than ever it’s vital to do everything possible to boost your immune system!

    Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Elderberry are used often to help patients everywhere. That’s why Evolved Minerals contain those and MORE in our all-in-one formula.

    Don’t wait to boost your body’s best form of defense! Order yours today!

    Take a Proactive Approach to Your Health with Evolved Minerals.

    Today, most healthcare systems focus on a reactive approach that diagnoses and treats disease. Dr. Bailey believes that preventative care that focuses on nutrition and proactive choices for future health are critical to optimal health and well-being.

    Even after the ill-effects of unhealthy and stressful lifestyles have developed, many symptoms can be reversed by dealing with the root causes of those issues and those people can move forward to a healthier future.

    The Evolved Minerals supplement provides the nutrients to fuel optimized health.

    Deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals are a common problem that affects the entire body. Evolved minerals trace minerals and vitamin supplement supports:

    • Immune system health
    • Mental stamina
    • Physical stamina 
    • Sense of overall well-being

    Fight chronic inflammation, fill gaps in deficiencies and prevent disease with small amounts of effective ingredients taken daily. 

    In addition to a balanced diet, regular exercise for physical fitness, and consistent sleep hygiene, Evolved Minerals gives you the extra edge that you need to go to the next level. 

    The Trace Minerals Supplement your Body Needs.

    Try our 90-day Evolved Minerals Challenge or make a commitment to your health and save on a 6 Month or 12 Month subscription.

    Think of this all-in-one trace minerals supplement as a key to unlocking your body’s potential, breaking down barriers and giving you all the tools you need for better performance. Each serving provides clean energy plus more of what active people can’t get enough of – including B vitamins, calcium and magnesium – to give the power to take on the day. It contains plant-based trace minerals and many other critical nutrients for optimal health at the cellular level. With high nutrient density and easy dose adjustability, Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals will help you feel better, look better and live life to the fullest.