What is the Evolved Lifestyle?

What would it take for you to achieve that thing?

Is it running your first marathon?

Is it losing that 50 pounds you’ve gained over the years? 

Is it becoming the type of person that runs a 5k on the weekend? 

Is it having enough energy to do the things that you enjoy after work? 

Wherever you’re starting, Evolved Minerals is a great place to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Still, it shouldn’t be the end—the Evolved Lifestyle challenges you to take a healthy foundation and build upon it daily. 

The Evolved Lifestyle is the opposite of a get-fit-quick scheme that sells you gimmicks that promise you won’t have to do any work. You can achieve and maintain excellent health, but it will take thoughtful choices in your diet and adding at least some exercise into your routine. Even in the stressful environments we all live in today, you are capable of transforming your life, one healthy habit at a time. 

There is power in setting extraordinary goals for yourself. The vision of success pushes you forward when times get tough. But discipline is what allows you to reach your dreams over time.

Wellness is not just about what you put into your body; it’s also about what you put into your mind. Choosing to feed your mind with positive and encouraging thoughts is the first step in changing your physical health. 

The Evolved Lifestyle is challenging, fulfilling, and focused on taking the best care of your body so you can reach your highest, most challenging goals. 

Taking the first step with Evolved Minerals gives you the best chance at improving your vitality and giving you the energy to add healthy habits to your routine. 

Remember that thing you imagined when you first started reading?

Take time to visualize how great it would feel to achieve it. Feel the feelings of accomplishment you’ll feel when you reach your goal. 

Now, imagine that you forget about it and continue without ever making a genuine effort to your health. What are the worst-case scenarios you may face if you don’t make your health a priority?

The Evolved Lifestyle pushes you towards those dreams and away from the worst-case health scenarios. 

This lifestyle is about living like you mean it. It’s not about perfection, but about genuinely enjoying life, getting stuff done, and constantly working to develop yourself. It’s about being smart with your time, working hard on what matters to you, and making time for relationships with the people you love.

You don’t need to have all of the answers. Every life is a work in progress. Along the way, we’ll each have some successes, some failures, some epiphanies, and lots of new experiences. One thing is for sure, being healthy enough to keep living and learning is an important part of the journey that should be highly valued. 

Success is not just in getting “there.” It’s in every step of the way. 

Take the first step on the path to achieving your dreams today by giving your body the opportunity it deserves to heal itself and perform at its best.  Join the Evolved Lifestyle by taking the 90-day challenge with Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals as the first step in changing your life.