Super Fruit Antioxidant Complex

Superfruits are the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. They also provide hundreds of different antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals that can damage cells and trigger aging, heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases. Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals has taken the most important extracts of these Superfruits to bring you the benefits of a diet out of the tropical rainforest into daily tablets.

Acai Fruit Extract

Acai berries are little grape-like fruits that contain plenty of antioxidants. They’ve been proven to help with arthritis, cancer prevention, and vascular function.

Goji Berry Fruit Extract

Goji berries, sometimes referred to as the “Fountain of Youth” fruit, may promote longevity. Research shows that they protect the eyes, provide immune support, and help fight cancer.

Elderberry Fruit Extract

Elderberry has been thrust into the spotlight over the past two years for its antiviral qualities. It’s great at boosting immune health and reducing inflammation.

How does Elderberry help with COVID-19 Symptoms?

Elderberry has become a popular supplement given to treat Covid-19 symptoms. The limited research available shows that elderberry may relieve symptoms of some upper respiratory infections. In cases of other viral infections like the flu, symptoms were relieved four days earlier than with a placebo.  Judging by the research available, Elderberry is thought to be a safe option for treating Covid-19 symptoms. It does not appear to cause any extreme side effects or severe immune responses but more research is needed to make any solid claims about Elderberry’s efficacy when it comes to Covid-19. Evolved Minerals offers a variety of immune boosting ingredients in one supplement to keep your body strong. 

Noni Fruit Extract

Noni is a fruit in the coffee family traditionally used to treat and prevent colds and flu. It is full of antioxidants that help the body clear out the inflammation that leads to disease. Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals is packed with the most powerful fruits known to man. The benefits are extraordinary with the added trace minerals and herbs specially formulated for optimum absorption. To experience the benefits of these Superfruits in addition to your daily vitamins and minerals, add Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals to your daily routine for 90 days and share the results of this power-packed supplement.