Herbal Complex

Evolved Minerals was designed to provide the body with the necessary nutrients required to help fight inflammation. The Herbal Complex works in conjunction with the other Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidant blends to provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce inflammation in the body. The herbs contained in Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals were designed to work synergistically with the vitamins and minerals to fuel and detox the body. Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals fights inflammation. The Herbal Complex works in conjunction with the other Vitamins, Minerals, and antioxidant blends to provide powerful anti-inflammatory benefits that reduce inflammation in the body.


Turmeric isn’t just a delicious spice; it has long been used for its healing properties. A powerful antioxidant, Turmeric has anti-inflammatory traits that make it widely used as a supplement as well. It’s also been shown to improve heart health and may help prevent some cancers.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

The first Ginkgo tree appeared on Earth 290 million years ago, and humans throughout history have recorded its benefits. Ginkgo Biloba Leaf has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 11th Century C.E. to boost mental power and treat impotence in men.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is packed with potent antioxidants and is excellent for heart health. It may also improve collagen, brain health, and kidney function.

Au d’Arco Bark Extract

This tree bark from the rainforests of South America has been used in folk medicine for many ailments. It has been shown to stunt the growth of tumors and holds antiviral properties.

Suma Root

This herb became famous after the 1970 Olympics after Russian athletes had standout performances from using this adaptogen to improve muscle mass and energy. Studies also show Suma Root can aid in the shrinking of tumors.

Grape Skin Extract

Just as its name implies, this potent antioxidant does come from the skin of grapes. It’s known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging and relieve symptoms of several cardiovascular conditions. It may also help with (chronic venous insufficiency) and high cholesterol.

Royal Jelly

Sometimes called “Honey Bee Milk.” Royal Jelly is a secretion of honey bees used to support the growth of larvae and the nutritional needs of the queen in a hive. It is also a great source of nutrition for human beings. Royal Jelly has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. It reduces oxidative aging and may aid in wound healing, healing of ulcers, and skin repair.

Cat’s Claw Bark Extract

Cat’s claw is a vine that grows in the Amazon rainforest. Its root and bark contain chemicals that stimulate T-helper cells, which can destroy cancerous tumors.

Rose Hips Fruit Extract

Rose Hips are the fruit of rose bushes. They look like small red or orange berries. The fruit can be found in the spring and early summer and is traditionally boiled into tea. Rose Hops have been shown to reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis.

Citrus Pectin

Citrus Pectin exists in the skin of fruits like oranges, lemons, and even apples. Studies show it may have anti-metastatic properties that fight cancer. It’s also used to prevent and treat diarrhea and lower cholesterol.

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf is chock full of essential vitamins and minerals and offers antioxidant properties. It’s known to provide relief of PMS symptoms in women and supports prostate health in men.

Korean Ginseng Extract

Korean Ginseng is known to be an adaptogen that helps the body react to stressors. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, fight fatigue, and boost brain function.

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero Root has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is sometimes called Siberian Ginseng, although it is an entirely different plant than the Korean Ginseng included in the Evolved Minerals supplement. Eleuthero Root is known to increase energy and physical stamina and assist in mental performance. It has also shown results in reducing the length of the common cold and flu.

White Willow Bark

White Willow Bark contains salicin which is the same ingredient that relieves pain in aspirin. It’s been used for thousands of years, even by Ancient Egyptians, for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The herbs in Evolved Minerals have been researched and chosen by Dr. Bailey for their efficacy in reducing inflammation and promoting overall wellness to help you in your journey to better health.  Try our 90-day challenge with Evolved Minerals to see for yourself if you’ll experience fewer symptoms of inflammation with Evolved Minerals in conjunction with a healthy diet, sufficient hydration, and exercise.