Steps to an Evolved Lifestyle

Steps to An Evolved Lifestyle

What is it you want? 

What is the lifestyle you see for yourself?

The Evolved Lifestyle is a lifestyle of dreaming big, developing discipline, and enjoying the results of hard work. But you can’t live the life of your dreams if you’re too tired to get off of the couch. 

Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals is a solution that can help anyone take steps towards their desired lifestyle.  

Evolved Minerals contains carefully chosen vitamins and minerals plus 17 antioxidants in unique blends that are proven to clear free radicals attacking your body. Getting rid of these free radicals reduces the inflammation that causes pain, drains you of your energy, and eventually causes disease. 

Taking on an Evolved lifestyle starts with Dr. Bailey’s recommended dose of Evolved Minerals every day. Adding these essential minerals and nutrients to your body is the first step in feeling younger, having more stamina, and reaching your goals. 

Evolution takes time, but making a decision is the first step. 

Step One: Commit to 90 days with Evolved Minerals.

It can be overwhelming to do everything yourself when trying to get on track with your health. 

The first and easiest step to move towards living your Evolved Lifestyle is to commit to at least 90 days of giving your body what it’s been lacking.  

Evolved Minerals is a simple way to get intense nutrition that gives your body what it requires to work for you. 

Having the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your body improves healing speed, curbs cravings, increases energy, promotes healthier skin and hair, and helps in preventing chronic diseases. 

Step Two: Develop a Growth Mindset

The biggest issue in fitness and nutrition is your mindset. If you want to get in shape and truly commit to it, you need to change your perspective. 

Did you ever set a goal and after one setback, you got discouraged and gave up? 

Have you felt overwhelmed by the idea of a big goal and changed your mind because of the fear you just can’t reach it? 

Ever get distracted on your health journey and decide to forget about it altogether? 

Developing a growth mindset can be the missing link. 

A growth mindset centers around thoughts that may sound like, “I may not be the person I want to be today, but through a little effort, every day, I can transform my life.”

There is no age limit or time limit on developing a growth mindset. You can start anytime, at any level. If you change your core beliefs about what is possible for you, you’ll see your life transform quickly. 

  1. Focus on goals 
  1. When you see something you don’t understand or know how to do, look for ways to grow rather than giving up and saying, “I can’t.”
  1. Give yourself credit for trying new things and having strengths; focus on your progress and what you’ve learned; be curious about your mistakes.
  1. Have a growth mindset with yourself and others. Keep learning and trying new things; expect setbacks; recognize that we all make mistakes; celebrate effort and improvement over time.

Journaling – whether with a notebook and pencil or through an app on your phone – can help you recognize where your beliefs limit yourself. If you challenge the thoughts that tell you all of the reasons you can’t be successful, you can rewire your brain for more robust thinking. 

We all have the capacity for continued self-development and growth our entire lives if we choose it.

Step Three: Focus on Incremental Improvements

You are capable of reaching your goals.

Small daily accomplishments in any area can change your life. Write out your fitness goals and record the actions you take to move towards them.  

After beginning your 90-day challenge with Evolved Minerals:

  1. Find something you’re passionate about and use it to fuel your workouts.
  2. Find something you can enjoy (or at least deal with) that gets your body moving.
  3. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable as you challenge yourself a little more each day, and find the fulfillment in putting forth the effort to a better version of yourself. 

Create a strategy that doesn’t overhaul your entire life in one day but adds one positive choice at a time.

Plan your lunches the evening before as you cook dinner. 

Wake up 30 minutes earlier to start your day with a few exercises. 

Set a solid bedtime and improve your nighttime rituals to allow restorative rest. 

Choose one thing that you feel would be positive to your health in addition to adding Dr. Bailey’s Evolved Minerals to your diet. Suppose you plan and execute this one new habit consistently for 90 days. In that case, the possibilities for your life evolving are endless. 

If you miss a day or two, don’t give up on yourself. Instead, consider what an obstacle to you executing your strategy was. If you can make it easier or simpler for yourself the next time, do that! Just don’t give up. Try again and again and again! 

What determines your level of success more than anything else is how many times you can pick yourself up and try again! So why not do it now? Today is the day to grow. To evolve. 

Step Four: Connect with like-minded people.

When you have a few wins under your belt, you can start changing the environment around you to support your new identity. 

Joining a group of like-minded people who are taking those small steps towards a better life every day, just like you. Adding the support, encouragement, and accountability of others who understand the importance of challenging yourself can be life-changing and lead to long-term transformation. 

How do you join a community that supports your goals?

Social media is an easy solution to finding people to connect with. Facebook groups, Subreddits, Twitter, and Instagram hashtags are all ways to find people on a similar journey. 

Locally, there may be group workouts at a local gym or a runners club you’d like to join. It all depends on your interest, but the more connected you become, the less likely you will fall off the wagon. Studies continue to prove that sharing your progress with a friend or an accountability partner regularly dramatically increases your chances of success in reaching your goals. You deserve a community that reinforces and respects the values and life you want to live and be a part of.

While making connections, be sure to connect with Dr. Brandon Bailey at the Evolved Health and Wellness Facebook page. He regularly shares live “Accountability” videos that share advice and life wisdom while pursuing his personal health goals.

Take the first step now. 

The most successful people in life did not achieve their greatness through a single dramatic moment. They did it by making choices that led to small wins, and then they built on those small wins.

Take your first small step. Give your body what it’s been missing by taking the Evolved Minerals 90-day challenge.